Need help quick!!

Ok heres the deal, sadly no I don't have the specs to the system in question as its a POS system that I shtdown for the night so I can't remote into it to get them, however heres the problem, we have a POS with a onboard network card that is 100% dead as in no lights (green or amber) on it at all, I need to figure out if its really dead, or if its just disabled or if I need drivers for it to jump start it, anyways from what I remember it was detected by windows under network management (said no cable plugged in with the cards name).

anyways how do I get it working again? were needing to get this POS system up and running asap so we can get it working for a restaurant.

Sorry for a lack of an Intro, ill put one up later if needed!! thanks!
You really need help

Good morning,
you do not know what you have, you have no specifications, you have absolutely nothing.
Now how do you expect to get any help?
Normally if anything electrical computer related does not work do the silly things first_is it pugged in, power supply working? all cables connected? I had recently 1 power point dead next to another one that was ok.
try remove the card and wait 30 secs( turn off pc 1st ) and replace ,reboot see if xp finds it again if not try another card