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Discussion in 'Windows XP General Discussion' started by UK-Tim, Apr 30, 2023.

  1. UK-Tim


    May 9, 2021
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    Hi People,

    Today I found the link here to MyPal 68 (mypal-68.13.0.en-US.win32 .zip)

    I started to use it straight away in parallel with Mypal 29.3. Immediately I found
    that I could use some site Links & Buttons that have been unresponsive for months.
    Such as removing items from my ebay cart & placing a bid for the first time in ages.
    Also I was also able to dismiss the cookie window on etc.

    My question is, does anyone want to know about "reproducible links & buttons that
    don't work" or is it too early in the development cycle to collect such reports?
    UK-Tim, Apr 30, 2023
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