Mypal 29.0.1 - Corrupt Installer

Here is the link for Mypal 29.0.1 at GitHub:

I downloaded the 32-bit installer three times. It's a corrupt package. I tried the built-in Mypal
download applet and two download managers. IDM and uGet.

MajorGeeks has links to the author's site, and they have their own servers. Unfortunately,
the MajorGeeks servers have the same corrupt installer.

Mypal at MajorGeeks:

I found a clean (no malware) working copy at BiblProg:

By the time you read this, the installer at GitHub and MajorGeeks may have been replaced
with a working copy. If not, download from BiblProg.

Mypal will run as a portable app. There doesn't seem to be a compressed archive (zip, 7z, rar).
Use 7-Zip (or similar) to open the package and extract all files from the "core" folder. If you
installed a previous version of Mypal, extracting the "uninstall" folder is not necessary. It's
ok to overwrite old files with the new. Your Mypal preferences and add-ons will not be effected.