My fantastic apps running on Windows XP from 10-15 years ....

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    Sep 22, 2019
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    Hello everyone.

    Also my motto is XP Forever and I am here to present a list of useful softwares to help those who need utilities and general purpose softwares and which I have been using with satisfaction for more than ten years and who have become my use of the PC very satisfying, as well as being releases that have a very tested compatibility with Windows XP OS.

    Here is a partial list of these softwares that, being completely free and without expiration, anyone can download these versions from the Web (or in case of difficulty receiving a copy that I can send privately to those who request it). Obviously these softwares are all viruses-free.

    Basilisk Serpent v2019.5.11: the browser that runs on XP. This is not "my own sack". I found it right here on XPForums and thanks to all of you I can go to any site without the risk of seeing the unpleasant frase: "Impossible to view the page", due to the recent security patches introduced by more and more sites every day. Very similar to the fantastic old Mozilla Firefox, perhaps derived from that and perhaps just made for us "diehards of WinXP" ... !!!

    Foder size v2.4: this utility compensates for the "lack" by XP of showing in real time the size in bytes of all the folders exactly as if they were normal files. Very useful in case of data backup and space checks in the various folders and subfolders. Attention this utility seems to work only on XP and not on Window7 and later !!!

    Netpersec v1.1 (2001 !!!): this very light app shows us in real time the band of our data traffic on our LAN both in Download and in Upload, both from the wired and Wi-Fi network card. Very simple and useful.

    Quicksearck v5.33.1.110: very useful software for the immediate and indexed search of every file contained in the PC or even in the USB drives connected to it before starting this app. Fantastically quick to find files by typing in a part of the name or part of one of the words that make up the name. At the time of installation it scans all the PC and its storage devices by indexing all the files (even the system files) so that you can find the files instantly.

    HDD Led Indicator v1.100: indicates in a corner of the monitor by means of very small virtual LEDs the status of the hard disks installed on the PC partition by partition, flashing if they are engaged in writing / reading just like the LEDs on the PC case. Very useful for those laptops that do not have the HDD LED on the case like my HP550 or whose mass memories are divided into many independent partitions.

    SpeedFan v4.50: utility that shows in real time (properly configured) in trayicon bar the temperature of our PC processor. It seems you can also enable the fan to turn on in order to optimize the PC's noise level and switch it on only above a certain temperature or adjust its speed intelligently. To try. Very useful. I personally use it only like a temperatures indicator.

    VLC (Videolan) v.1.1.11: one of the best mediaplayer for XP in my opinion. For 4k another player is recommended but for all the rest this old version of VLC is unsurpassed and very light and has the keys to change the speed of execution that later versions do not have. I, for a simple use of the PC as a player of audio / video files, prefer it to all the others.

    In the next post I will present other very useful free apps that I have tested for so many years now that have made using a PC something really practical and excellent every day for both work and entertainment and all the rest.

    Glad to lend a hand to the XPFORUMS, the WindowsXP irreducible forum (as I am).


    At next ....

    frengo, Oct 5, 2019
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  2. frengo


    Oct 29, 2019
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    Basilik Serpent by Roytam1s is fantastic. there are two versions v52 and v55. v52 is more smooth with the cpu usage in my opinion.
    Right now i begin to use Potplayer the current version is ok. i wish was more minimalistic
    fromXPwithlove, Oct 29, 2019
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