MSI NX7600GS-TD256Z doesnt work

Discussion in 'Windows XP Hardware' started by MiniMann, Aug 27, 2020.

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    Aug 27, 2020
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    Like so many others, I am the proud owner of a Windows computer.
    Since this modern computer is not able to play old games (of which I wanted to play more and more),
    I decided to build a Windows XP computer with older parts.

    My old configuration:

    400W power supply (ask for more details)
    PC chips m863g v1.5A MoBo (more detailed information here:, as a replacement I would have a semi-functioning ASUS A7N8XE-deluxe)
    Athlon XP2500 + (not overclocked) with ARCTIC cooling Copper silent 2 (fan)
    2x 512MB DDR RAM
    ATI radeon 9550 (afterwards only as a spare part, meanwhile defective)
    1x IDE CD drive
    1x 3.25 inch floppy disk drive
    1x 80.0 GB IDE hard disk (WIN XP Pro sp2 32bit)

    Since the radeon with its flawed contacts and unstable drivers was too slow and too instable for me, I swapped it for an MSI NX7600GS-TD256Z which worked perfectly for the first few days :)

    After galactic 3 days (WOW) he stopped working and every game I started (NOT Windows itself it ran and runs well) he started to log up the system or cause extreme graphics problems.

    So I drilled a bit in the Internet and found out that there are special drivers only for this version.
    So old driver down new driver up and ...

    ... it hangs...

    ... a lot...
    In every 3D game i started (such as NfS U2) (strangely not with the 3D screen savers they only have a few graphic problems) the picture hangs for ~ 10 seconds and then everything that should have been rendered in this time rewinds in ~ 2 seconds. And after another ~ 3 seconds it all starts all over again. It is strange that I can still move my mouse for ~ 7 seconds in the ~ 10 sec still picture which means that the picture does not freeze completely.

    Also strange is that 2D games (such as DOTT under DOSBox) still work perfectly.

    It would be nice if someone can help me because the more I deal with it, the more my head starts to smoke.

    Thanks to everyone who can help me
    (sorry for some eventually bad gramma)
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    MiniMann, Aug 27, 2020
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