most programs don't run with Windows XP

Hi guys.
I bought old Sony Vaio P machine which came preinstalled with Win XP.
But most of the regular programs for everyday use won't install because they don't support Win XP.
So my question is where to find and how to install older version of most needed basic programs for everyday use?
I tried with but got an error at run on downloaded exe file, and programs did not install.
So programs I need are like some less hardware demanding internet browser, picture viewer,pdf reader, music app etc...
Just programs for everyday use.
Where do you find programs to install for Win XP?
Some programs can be found the the developers website when they archive old versions. You can also find older versions of software here:

You have to search or ask the developers or forums to find out which version still supports XP.

What software are you looking for anyway ?
Any luck finding XP comparable programs yet? Some programs are modified to work on XP - you'd be surprised really, just have to really look and be willing to try new things.