Microsoft Update not finding updates!


I have freshly installed Windows XP with SP3 on my new computer, and am trying to get it fully updated.
I never depend on Automatic Updates to work, so I went to the Microsoft Update Website in IE 8, and there I went through a few cycles of updates, mostly for various versions of the .NET framework. At this point, there are no more left except for junk like the Bing Bar and Bing Desktop!

I am confused: where are the 126-or-so security updates that should be showing up?
I have installed a few updates manually (like the Windows Update Agent 30, which has caused me problems in the past), and restarted several times, but to no avail!

Halp! D:
Hi. I too prefer to use windows update site. Another day i've installed xp sp3 again,and after looking,i found about 45 updates. You might have them already installed,OR there is some problem with your windows,i think. They should show up. But maybe there's nothing more to update :), you know ?
I only have here some silverlight,.NET,and a few other things i'm not interested in. IE gives you some kind of error when trying to update ?

I have done a few XP re-installs over the past 6 months using disk that have SP2 on them. Once installed the auto update found a bunch of updates and installed them. I thought that was it. The next day when I booted the PC, I noticed that there were new updates. This went on for a few days. I was told that certain updates have to be installed prior to others. This is why every update to date was not downloaded at one time. Eventually, all updates were installed. Not sure if this pertains to your situation, but I thought I would throw this out there.