Mbamservice.exe (MBAM) using too much ram!!

I'm using virtual XP (VXP) on a Windows 7 machine.

Malwarebytes mbamservice.exe is using over 220,000K of memory as shown
in Task Manager (TM).

CPU usage is 0-8%.

The following MBAM Advanced Settings are unchecked:
"Start Malwarebytes Anti-Malware with Windows"
"Enable self-protection module"
"Reduce priority of scans to improve multitasking"

MSCONFIG has MBAMService unchecked.


1. Why is Mbamservice.exe using so much memory?

2. Is this normal?

3. If I've unchecked all that I've noted above, why is Mbamservice.exe still loading?

4. How do I reduce the amount of memory Mbamservice.exe is using?

5. How can I keep it from loading upon Windows starting up?

6. Any other suggestions?

Oh yes,

HALP !!! :eek: