Made in China 2025

The Chinese Communist Party usually sets some pre-defined goals every 5 years.

Back in 2020, they announced plans that everything would be made in China by 2025 (not just using some imported components and assembled in China).

Let's see if this is true or not:

1. CATL and BYD (all Chinese companies) make the top EV batteries in the world. They're so good, even Tesla couldn't get enough supply from them and always uses them in place of Tesla's own batteries whenever and wherever they could!

2. Huawei is on track to release Harmony OS for PCs later this year, which is an indigenous effort and not based on any open source codes. And also if not this year then next year, Huawei will be releasing 5nm chips printed by SMIC (a Chinese company) instead of TSMC (a Taiwanese company). It means by 2025 China has total control of their computing ecosystem and no longer need Microsoft and Intel/AMD.

3. The best TV in the world is now made by Hisense (not Samsung nor LG) using Chinese made parts. Just go visit a Costco near you and see how the Hisense mini-LED flagship outshines a much more expensive LG OLED TV!

It's not like the West never got warned. China fully revealed all the details about its plan back in 2020!! Yet they kept on attacking and suppressing Huawei, that has led China's technology to grow even faster by leaps and bounds!

Anyways, the death of Microsoft in China is imminent...!
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