looking for DICOM viewer for XP 32bit - like Pro Surgical 3D

I am looking for a good DICOM viewer for XP 32bit, something like Pro Surgical 3D. I have tried Sante DICOM Viewer 3D Pro, but it is not compatible with XP. I have course used the original Dicom Viewers that came with the original MRI Scans, but it isn’t good at handling the DICOM directories.

Bizarrely DroidRender for Android is the best lightest and most compatible with all DICOM -MRI Scans and directories, but pretty pointless on a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Anything less than a 40” monitor with good graphics card is a waste of space, so it has to run on XP

Please only make suggestions if you have actually used the software you are recommending.

go take a look around the internet archive ( cd rom images or software) there is a mine of stuff waiting to be found also known as the way back machine

long live xp :)
also try here