Load needed DLLs for kernel

Hi everyone !

I have this old desktop computer, which has been sitting around for a long time. It has window XP. When I started the system it gave me this message :

Window couldn't start because because of an error in the software.
Please report this problem as :
Load needed DLLs for kernel .

I understand that there is a dll file missing. The problem is I don't have a recovery CD or window XP CD.
Is there a way to fix this problem without using a window XP CD ?
you can download a copy of the recovery console, burn it to a cd or flash drive and change bios to boot the drive with the recovery console and run checkdisk

chkdsk c: /r run at least twice until no errors are found and then try to boot

rec console download, my one drive account look for the file xp_rec_con.iso


use either rufus or imgburn or your choice of programs to burn iso to cd or usb flash drive