Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 = STAR WARS precursor

I used to be an anime freak always seeking out the latest ENG fan-sub releases. These days, I've become a C-drama freak seeking out the latest ENG subbed TV dramas from mainland China.

This probably China's biggest TV hitter for 2017 that begins airing on Jan 9 and is the adaptation of the Chinese Tolkien whose original work was first published in 1957. This work is essentially what the STAR WARS prequels are based on. Since this is a TV series not condensed movie trilogy, it's actually about two sworn blood brothers born at the same time, not just the sole story of Anakin. The good brother of the two is Guo Jing (young Obi-wan), while the other "brother" who later on becomes evil is Yang Kang (Anakin).

More info on the series: http://mydramalist.com/19556-legend-of-the-condor-heroes

The must-see preview trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoVHjtWwGIw

What is evident in the trailer: Lots of war scenes between Han Chinese and Mongolian Empire (ie. where LucasArt's "The Empire" really got its inspiration from). Lots of kung-fu scenes featuring the use of inner Chi (ie. "The Force"). Woman in red with kung-fu pose is Mu Nianci (Padme). The other woman with green staff and often adorned in white is Huang Rong (Obi's romantic interest).

The ENG fan-subs will be waiting...

(P.S: Substitute Condor Heroes for "Jedi Heroes" and you essentially get STAR WARS!!)

(P.S. #2: The more appropriate ENG-SW translation for the series would be The Legend of Obi-Wan since Guo Jing (Obi) is the good guy in the series.)
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P.S. #3: In the STAR WARS prequels, LucasArts purposely named one of his characters QiGon Jinn as a reference to the character Guo Jing in the 1957 work.

(Qi)Gon Jinn ---- Guo Jing

(Just a subtle manipulation/replacement of certain letters).
1957 - The Legend of the Condor Heroes first published as a newspaper serials in Hong Kong
1959 - The Return of the Condor Heroes sequel

If anyone wishes to watch the highly-recommended anime version of the sequel to this series:


It's called "Legend" but the story is actually the sequel "Return". 1st season animated entirely by Japanese animation studio...

What happens in the sequel. Anakin is dead (he's on life support in STAR WARS, but same thing). The son grows up, learns his dad is evil. But rather than following the same path succumbing to the Dark, the son chooses to do good instead to redeem the father! The STAR WARS original trilogy is based on "Return", while the prequels based on "Legend" of the Condor (Jedi) Heroes.
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Eight episodes of Legend of Condor Heroes 2017 have already been aired in China. No ENG fansubs released yet on the internet. In due time, anyone can watch this in ENG sub on popular FREE online drama websites like KissAsian, etc.