Keyboard and mouse do not work well since used with old XP

I have recently encountered some problems in connection with my old PC and its inputs/USB drives.

I have a really old desktop PC running duplicated Windows XP SP2 on it (I mean, 2 Windows XPs, one installed on primary, and one on extended partition). It has been working fine for several years (about almost 10, not sure) without any problems, and still it is working properly. The PC has not been used for one year, though, but it is the same as it was earlier.

However, a few months old USB Genius keyboard and mouse, that were working fine before (but only tried with this PC once, though, but that time nothing creepy happened, everything was all right), seemed to be malfunctioning, and even be "dead" after I had plugged them into my old PC. When I plugged the keyboard into the USB port on the back, and the mouse into the port on the front, the mouse did not work at all, it did not even make any lights. The keyboard, however, was working fine.

Later, when I wanted to use the mouse with my laptop, I discovered a new "feature" of the mouse: when I want to scroll, it disonnects itself, and if scroll again, reconnects! Never did this before...

Another case happened yesterday, after I had used a Ubuntu live-CD on my old PC. (I did not make any changes with it.) Both the keyboard and the "malfunctioning" mouse were working both with Windows and Ubuntu, till I rebooted. I realised I cannot use the keyboard to choose between OSs. While booting and while plugging into other ports leds make some light, but it does not working anywhere, not even in BIOS, not in different OS, and not even at other PC.

Creepy enough, same happened to my pendrive the first time when I connected it into the USB port. Now, it does not work at all. With all of these issues I thought problems were not with keyboard and mouse, since it looked like my PC "killed" some things that it did not like. Just to mention, memory card reader works fine (using USB)...

From these mentioned above, it seems there could be some issues with the USB ports, however, when trying to use the mouse with an USB to PS/2 port, nothing happens.

I am really in trouble now, I cannot figure out what could have happened here. I thought it has to be hardware problem, since I found drivers OK, as they performed well before, and the mentioned devices do not work with other computers well, but they did before. I thought I post this issue on this forum since it happened to an XP-PC, though I do not really think it is related to that.

I would be really happy and thankful if someone could help me solving this problem. Please inform me if you need any additional information, and feel free to move this post if it is not suitable here.

Possibly drivers are on the fritz, don't know really.

Control Panel\Hardware\see if any driver updates are available with the Update Driver tab.

Basic check - are the USB contacts clean, both input and output.


Aunty Jack.
Unfortunately, it does not find any driver updates, and it tells that all the devices work properly. Choosing the Keyboard tab in the Control Panel shows nothing, it is entirely empty.

I have checked all the contacts, and they are as clean as if they were new.

I do not know what is going on, it is really weird.. Perhaps any problems with other components? I have ABIT IS7 motherboard, my PSU is new, but it has the same properties as the previous one.

Now the keyboard does not work with any other PC, though lights blink on it when plugged in.
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