I've come home

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I just found you and feel like I've just come home. Old builder of PCs, loved XP and Win 7, understand MSFT need to contnue to make money, but......when my last XP mobo died 7 month's ago, all was lost. Then I found you!

I am reinvigorated and can't wait to get started on my rebuild. Read some of your how to's and look forward to visiting your site.

Welcome; Onlywinxp, to xpforums ... I hope you find our forum helpful.

Enjoy your stay and we look forward to hearing more from you on that rebuild.

Take good care,

the nostalgia of Windows XP! The soothing startup sound, iconic Bliss wallpaper – it's a trip down memory lane. From the simplicity of the interface to the joy of discovering new features, XP was a defining era. It feels like coming home to the digital roots that shaped our computing experiences.