Installing Windows XP from USB Drive, Some Error

Okay, I will have to describe my situation to you one by one:

1: My CD/DVD Drive is not working

2: I run Ubuntu 12.10, A Big Collection of errors.

I got the Windows XP .iso and expanded it onto my USB Drive using WinUSB on Ubuntu. I can boot from it, but I get an error before the installation process even starts;
BOOTMGR is missing
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

I really need your help guys, this Ubuntu thing is eating my head:mad:
1. is your pc capable of booting from a usb?

2. was xp originally on the pc?

3. do you have an iso image of the xp cd?

4. below are instructions for burning to a usb drive

5. change bios to boot from usb, insure usb is inserted before starting pc, and xp should boot to setup window
First of all, Thank you sooo much for replying.

Yes, my system is capable of booting from usb, I'm 100% sure about that. Vista was on the PC originally. I do have an .iso image of the XP CD. Rufus is for Windows, I'm using VirtualBox now and I'm running Ubuntu. I'm using my Pen Drive has a Shared folder in Virtual Box. I will try and let you knoew if it works.

Above is the link to ubuntu forums, I do not have any experience with ubuntu and do not really know how to help you.

one point, if vista was on the pc originally then you cannot put xp on it without a valid product key. and or the system may not be configured for xp.

if there is a type of device manager in ubuntu, then what type of error is coming up for the cd drive?