Installing net.framework

Hi folks!

I'm trying to install net.framework 4.0 SP1 to download epub books for my Kobo reader, and having problems.

I downloaded "dotNetFx40_Full_setup" and ran it, disabling icons in the quick launch and startup location choices, leaving the other two options.

It indicated it ran successfully, copied into my Program subdirectory, but no .exe files appear in the folder, and no icon appears on the desktop.

At the same time, I'm told I need the SP1 update to successfully manage the epub files. At the download site, there are three choices for the update: NDP40KB2836939-v3-!A64, ...-V64, and ...X86.

The help files seem to tell me that the X86 version is for a 32 bit processor; the other two are for 64 bit units.

How do I tell which one to use?

My computer is a Dell Dimension with XP home version 2002; celeron processor 2.40ghz with 512 mb ram.

Any thoughts?


you do not get a desktop icon with .net nor will you get any .exe to run, the framework runs in the background congruent with programs that require it.

above is the download page for the offline installer for .net 4.0 client profile, from microsoft download center.

what you describe installing appears to be an update for .net 4


to tell if you have 64bit system or 32bit (x86) system, go to start and right click on my computer, then choose properties, and on the general tab if you do not see 64bit listed anywhere then you have a 32bit system.

.net's are very lengthy downloads and installs and then you will have to go to microsoft updates to get all the .net 4 updates
first of all, go to desktop and right click on this pc(if on windows 8.1 or 10) or my computer and then click on properties. Now it will display your processor type and OS built as well. if your OS is x64 then download x64 based file else download x86... thats all....

PS: to install .net offline, you may need to have .net framework 3.5 installed already.
.NET Framework 4.0 is so buggy, I never bothered with it on my XP system. 3.5 on XP for me.

If you ever need .NET 4.0, it's best to use .NET 4.5 on Win7/8.1, which is backwards compatible with .NET 4.0 applications...
@ eatup, I have 4.0 client profile and 4.0 extended on my pc because they are required to use Dell system detect.

I have come across no problems with them, so it may just be my setup. :)