I like Windows 10 (certain conditions apply)

OK, I admit it. I currently prefer Windows 10 over XP, but only if it comes bundled with another OS like Android.

Probably b/c:

- I can do whatever I don't want Microsoft to know about online on the other OS partition.

- Windows 10 just runs the latest software without issues

- Evidently Win10 comes bundled with this quad-core tablet. I don't know about you but I much prefer the tablet's computing power over my old duo-core laptop. There's only so much you could do with 2 cores vs 4

But that's not the real reason. The real reason is, Windows 10 will soon run on all sorts of ARM devices. You see, China had been doing active research in semiconductors for a long time. It's the only reason why they seemed to have made the world's fastest supercomp overnight using 100% Chinese-made chips.

It means China is poised to headbutt with Intel. By 2025 the world will be overran with personal computers and mobile devices powered by Chinese chips. And Microsoft will actually help China achieve this objective of global semiconductor dominance by allowing Windows to run on ARM devices.

Hmm, the computing world in 2025 runs mostly on Chinese semiconductors, but still relies on an American company to provide the software... Anyone catch my drift?
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P.S: In terms of power efficiency (ie. mobile devices), China could dethrone Intel.

Below, list of world's fastest supercomps. #1 uses Chinese chips, while #2 uses Intel chips. How is it possible the Chinese chips ran at least 2x faster and consume less kilowatts?


What I meant to say was ppl keep on hearing about smaller lithography from Intel (not that China doesn't already have the tech to match or exceed them) as if it was the ONLY holy grail to reduce power consumption without sacrificing performance!

Performance:efficiency of the Sunway Taihulight supercomp is the reason I might still rejoice in seeing better CPUs in the near future...
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I'm not bullish on Windows 10 , i upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, but unfortunately the computer was locked , finally, I had to reinstall Windows 10, but it was only after I found out that Windows 7 had better performance
I use W10 a lot. (have it on two desktops, and on two laptops)

I think that what it does, it does well.


I do not like its snooping!

I resent the way MS update will reintroduce snooping after it has been removed.

There is so much that W10 cannot do, so, I still reach for Linux, or earlier MS operating systems.