I.E.8 and Firefox cache files

Okay, I have a new issue I am trying desperately to resolve. Approximately a month or so ago I submitted a thread addressing the excessive CPU sources used by I.E.8. Elizabeth suggested I change to a new browser since I.E.8 had so many "problem" holes. So, I switched to Firefox 2.2 (I believe). Anyway, when I click on CCleaner to clean out my Temporary files, I am shocked to discover that not only Internet Explore has accumulated a number of "temp. files" ( sometimes 245 or more), but Firefox has also accumulated the same amount--or more-- of temp files and Internet cache files. The strange thing is: I haven't been using Internet Explorer 8. Or are these temp. and cache files automatically loaded via the svchost processes?

I know my computer is not blazing fast with only a 1.2GHz CPU. But my system in the past did run faster than it is presently running.

I installed SuperAntiMalware but can only run the software in SAFE MODE with Administrative privileges. Running it in Normal mode, it generally locks up. I also installed Housecall Launcher but get frequent Error Messages shortly after pressing the SCAN button both in SAFE MODE and NORMAL MODE.

Now I know full well that my system (Windows XP Pro) is not going to run like the wind with a 1.2 GHz Processor and 2.5 Gig of RAM but something has to be wrong when I can open a program, run over to my local Walmart to do some shopping and when I return, the program is still hasn't decided whether it want to open or not.

My Anti-Virus software says that there is no problems. But there must be a problem somewhere or my system wouldn't be running slow as a snail.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions besides scrap my system and buy a new one.
first uninstall all of your scanners except for your antivirus, which is what by the way??

Next system restore, if there are not any points that you really need to save , Use ccleaner to remove all but that one, I would really like to wipe out all restore points, but we can do that when your system is clean.

next do a defrag

next run checkdisk with the /r parameter and run as many times as it take until no errors are found.

How to perform checkdisk

if you do not have Recovery Console installed, then run from the start menu

go to start, run, type in cmd

in cmd type in chkdsk c: /r and press enter

type Y for yes and press enter

type exit and press enter

restart pc, allow checkdisk to finish and run again

this is a lengthy process depending on the size of your harddrive, the percentages will fluctuate, this is normal, you can view report in the event viewer.
go to start>run> and type in eventvwr.msc, click on the applications directory, and in the right hand panel choose winlogon.

let me know what happened at each step and we can go from there.
I.E. 8 and Foxfire Temp and Cache file issues

Hi Elizabeth;

First, my Antivirus software is Avast (free version, of course). Second, I uninstalled Housecall Launcher and SuperAnti-Spyware. Thirdly, I ran CCleaner to clean-up any IE 8 and Foxfire temp and cache file storage. Fourthly, I ran Chkdsk /r and according to the report there was no errors applicable to the harddrive. Fifth, I went into Event Viewer and clicked on the Applications option. When the event list was displayed, I could not find the Winlogon application you referenced in the righthand panel. There was and "information" log with a reference to winlogon but when I highlighted it and clicked on it, all the was shown was some information on the winlogon process.

The lefthand panel list were these titles:Application / Security / System / Doctor Web /
Internet Explorer / Iolo Applications / Tune-up / Windows Powershell

The righthand panel tabs across the top were: Type / Date / Time / Source / Category / Event / User / Computer.

The Applications tab listed several "Warning" Events referencing "msInstaller" and several "Error" events with the Source being: "Application Hang." Another one was a MSDTC Error event with the Category being SVC, Event #: 4112 .

After doing all this, my system appears to be running just a tad faster. However, when I use CCleaner after logging off the Internet, Internet Explorer and Firefox still collects countless temp and cache files.
Dr Web is an antivirus application. Just saying.

There's a nasty going around, I can't be certain, but it may be affecting you. For some, it tends to hijack whatever page they are on, others it seems to be downloading a file of some kind.

Got to BleepingComputer and download, Rkill, ADWCleaner, Junkware removal tool and Malwarebytes.


Load and run each, in that order. When you run MWB remember to set it to detect Rootkits.

Junkware removal tool takes a while to do its stuff. Generally it will list each step in a CMD window, something like this:

Registry Dump
Checking Start Up
Checking Processes
Checking Services
Checking Files
Checking Folders
Checking Registry
Checking Internet Explorer
Checking Mozilla Firefox
Checking shortcuts.

Some of these, Registry especially seem to take ages and you may think the program has crashed. But go get a cup of tea and think of how clever you were not to start smoking. Let it do its work.

MWB will also take ages. Such is life.

The symptoms you describe just sound like this problem.
I.E.8 and Firefox Temp and Cache file issues

Hi Elizabeth and JoJo;

Okay, Elizabeth, I downloaded Rkill, AdwCleaner, Junk File Remover, and Malwarebytes AntiMalware software as suggested and ran them in the order described (Malwarebytes with the Rootkit application). Rkill came up with several questionable files. Yet when I tried to attach the Rkill file and JRT files to the space JoJo nothing happened. I copied the files and when I attempted to PASTE them, the PASTE option was not highlighted.

While the system runs just a tad faster, it still has an occasional lock-up. However, without letting you see the Rkill log file, you, nor JoJo can actually tell me what the problem was.

I did read the three articles referrencing Internet and Mozilla Temp and Cache files and it did make sense. But I'm still suspicious when I run CCleaner that I find from 200 to 500 Temp and cache files in I.E. and Mozilla.

I'll attempt the Rkill and JRT log attachment once more. As the saying goes: four eyes are better than than one.
I.E and Mozilla Temp & Cache file issues

Oh yes; What about this Dr. Web application found in the Event Viewer? Should I disable it or uninstall it since am running Avast AntiVirus software.

By the way, Elizabeth and JoJo, have either of you heard of Rogue Killer by Tizgy? If you have, what do you think about it? When I first installed and ran it I was amazed at the Rootkits, along with some other issues it found.



the text msgs from the programs are generally in a notepad file on your desktop, you should be able to open/go to edit/select all/edit/copy, and then in the reply box here right click in the box and choose paste.

do not use the quick reply box, use the post reply button to get you to another reply box


if your pc is highly infected, it can possibly be cleaned but it is never 100 percent, it would be best to do a reinstall with a full format. a full format will insure that the drive is completely wiped, and I would wipe it with Darik's DBAN.

let my know if you want to wipe, if not then please try to paste the logs, and for rootkits, I use aswMBR from avast: