HP Compaq 8200 Elite (SFF + CMT)

XP 32-bit and XP 64-bit drivers are available from HP for the Compaq 8200 Elite SFF or CMT pc.
These PC's can be bought for as little as $100.00. I have one of each.
Both are dual boot XP 32 and XP 64.
Both Computers have an Intel I7-2600 3.40 GHZ cpu with 4 core-8 threads.
Boot time is just a few seconds (running minimal services and start up items).
A cheap SSD greatly sped up boot time and performance.
PerfectDisc can optimize an SSD on XP.
Security and performance can be increased by turning off services like Server, Computer Browser, Workstation, TCP/IP Helper, + +.
It would be easier just to list services that need to be running with a static ip. You only need maybe 10 services running and still have sound and internet.
These are not gamer PC's as they have small power supplies and no ability to power gamer video cards.
This is how to install a 24 pin ATX power supply on a HP Compaq 8200 Elite CMT and not get the common 515 PS Fan not detected error.
Buy this adapter. AYA 12-Inch ATX Main 24-Pin to 6-Pin PCI-E PSU Power Adapter Cable 18AWG HP Z220
The P2 connector wiring needs to be modified.
For Pin # reference the green wire 'PS On" wire on original 6 pin P2 connector is Pin 3.
Move the green wire to Pin 3 on the new P2 connector.
The empty reserved slots on the original P2 connector are pins 5 + 6. No wire needs to be connected to pins 5 + 6.
Leave Pin 1 "FAN CMD" empty as the Black and Red wires on the new P2 connector go to ground pins 17 + 18 on the 24 pin ATX connector.
The Yellow wire Power Good wire goes to PIN 4.
Cut the Red wire close to the 24 pin AXT connector.
Connect cut end of the red wire to the TAC signal gray wire of the Chassis Fan. The other end of the red wire goes in slot 2 of the new P2 connector.
Pin 1 slot leave empty
Pin2 slot red (connect the other end to chassis fan tac wire, my wire was gray)
Pin3 slot green Power on (pin 16 on 24 pin ATX connector)
Pin4 slot Yellow (Power Good pin 8 on 24 pin ATX connector)
Pin 5 slot leave empty
Pin6 slot leave empty
The Black wire is grounded at the 24 pin ATX connector so it wire does not need to be connected to the new P2 connector.
Connecting slot 2 on the P2 connector to the chassis "fan tac" signal stops the 515 FAN boot error!
Why I wouldnt spend time on HP products, well the latest reason, anyway:http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-42309371
That's the silliest reason that I have ever heard. That 2017 article is about a disabled by default keylogger that was originally built into the Synaptics software to help debug errors on new laptops. The HP 8200 Elite was first released in 2011. MY used HP 8200 Elite CMT has no HP or Synaptic software on it.
I could not care less about HP or Synaptic software. I buy computers with blank or no hard drives.
Its there, , , , , disabled, cant be enabled??

Hackers dont know about it & would not exploit it?

last (so far) on a list of reasons I avoid HP

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"
This is an XP forum.
Those new HP laptops do not support XP.
You are commenting a Windows 10 Synaptic software issue.
Your comment has no relevance to this forum.
Your chances of being hacked = your chances of winning the lottery.
Your keylogger fears are your problem. Try counseling.