How to write "icalcs /deny everyone:(CI)(OI)W" command (on win7) with win xp?

Hello, i want to know how to write a command like "icacls dir /deny everyone:(CI)(OI)W" on windows xp. Afaik there is no icacls on windows xp, so i guess this should be done with just cacls? I want to lock a folder through cmd, but i cannot manage to write a correct command and i don't understand how to use abbrevations with cacls. Could some help me out with converting "icacls dir /deny everyone:(CI)(OI)W" used on w7 to something similar on xp. Also interested in how "/grant" transitions on win xp.
Is this what you're looking for?

I have already visited those pages, but my computer/english language skills do not allow me to understand everything properly.
The second URL you linked, where should i put the remarks - "(IO)(CI)
This folder, subfolders and files"
I tried typing in cacls foldertolock /e /p everyone:(IO)(CI)n but it says that (IO)(CI) part is typed incorrectly.