How to retask audio jacks dell inspiron 640m

I did a factory restore of my dell inspiron 640m which runs win xp, and the headphone jack is still dead. the speakers on the laptop work fine. The sound card is SigmaTel STAC9200 I tried to set the headphones as the default in the control panel, but they don't show up, just sigmatel audio.

Since the inspiron 640m supports universal jacks, i'd like to remap the headphone jack with the mic jack because the mic jack still works. anyone know how to do this in the registry?

Been trying to do this for days with no avail
Thanks in advance for your help :)
my computer doesn't have realtek or realtek audio manager. it has a sigmatel, totally different card as from what i can see.

also, i know for sure my audio jack doesn't work...the question is how to remap it in win xp registry.

also, your second link is not functioning :(

actually i know search engines are my friend as i looked into the link you sent me does not pertain to my question actually maybe you should read my question a little deeper before you respond to it.

so sorry to be rude ...
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I know that you do not have realtek, but I had wanted you to read the thread and see if the steps would show you if you have the retasking capability on your card, the steps will work on any card, just that you may not have this capability with your card, follow the steps to check.

the second link works for me, not sure why it does not for you.
ok, there, that 2nd link works now.

i visited that page and i think that it is not a failed sense pin because the speakers in the laptop are still functional.

as far as the first link is concerned, as i don't have a realtek i wouldn't have the software (realtek audio manager) that comes with that, so that link is not too too helpful.

i do know that this computer, like i said in first post, is audio jack remappable, because i read it in the user's manual. i can show this to you if you want, or you can just believe me.

like i said its just a matter of messing with the registry but i don't know where the audio jacks are located and how to change them.
the registry location that i found for the pin keys is

in the pin directory there are like 8 or 10 keys, all labeled as numbers such as 10 or 08
and a few that are 0 then a letter such as 0e.
i have no idea what to do from there
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i think i sort of found a fix....if i reboot my computer and keep my rca cable unplugged until everything has booted up and i'm in windows, then the jack will work. :D

i'm still curious about the mapping, as it is probably a more permanent fix, but this is pretty good.
Glad you found a solution, you might want to ask in the TechNet forums or at your soundcard manufacturer's forum for a more detailed solution. :)