how to fix ntkrnlmp.exe error code 14

I have windows xp 32bit
so I tried to upgrade to 64bit
after booting the CD
windows xp 64bit installation runing
I got error says
"could not loaded ntkrnlmp.exe error code 14"
any crazy idea pls?

**Note** : my processor can be runed x64 systems
I just download iso file (windows xp x64)
and I burn it to CD with bootable tools and after edit BIOS to start from CD at first and after boot the CD I got this issue this is a summary of what I done
If you downloaded xp off the internet, I would not trust the download.

and did you test your cd to ensure it is bootable??
yeah I used this CD too many times and this error only for 64bit versions
and I totally trust internet downloads cus I takes it from someone I trusted
and if u have a link to try just reply it please
okay, then there is probably an adjustment to make in bios concerning your processor so that it will take the 64bit clean install.

also make sure that you are not installing on a sata drive unless you have sata drivers for your drive.
If you have a sata drive, the sata controllers would have to be integrated into the install cd with n-lite.

what is the make of your processor ?? do the following:

Click Start, Run and in the box enter:


Click OK, and when the System Summary info appears, click Edit, Select All (Ctrl-A), Copy (Ctrl-C) and then paste (Ctrl-V) the information back here in your next reply.
You can edit out any personal information.
hey buddy
after type "msinfo32" I got error msg says
"Windows cannot find 'msinfo32'. make sure you typed the name correctly, ...etc"
so reply the correct key and i'll reply back the system summary
Try running msinfo32.exe from start->run. If that doesn't work, look for msinfo32.exe in the folder c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\msinfo, and run it from there.

Is the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service started??

and the RPC and event log service also started??

see here