How to enable 16:9 when Windows XP is booting?

So i have a 16:9 monitor.When Windows XP is loading it's in 4:3 but when it goes to the welcome screen it's in 16:9.So how to fix so that the loading screen be in 16:9?
Like this


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windows generic display is a low resolution 600x800 or something like that, when your desktop loads it is set at the resolution of your choice.

The boot screen is a FIXED SIZE bitmap stored inside ntoskrnl.exe. There's NO changing it. Using a higher resolution bitmapp would take up more space, and that'd totally **** your OS.

The only way it would look like it's higher resolution is if you're using an LCD that windows lower resoultions rather than scaling them to fit the screen.

above is from THIS thread, you can read it and see if it pertains to your setup.
it appears that it depends on your hardware.
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