how to divide a preload system partition

i would like to shrink an existing xp pro preload partition (C:\) which has a lot of empty space left, so I want to divide it to get extra data partitions there. Problem is that adjoining there is a somewhat fixed lenovo service portion ("SERVICEV001") which makes the rest of my hdd number 1. My dealer said that a split would disturb functions of the lenovo service section.
Does anybody please have experience about that?
thanks, gerio.
It's most likely a reinstall partition that is there just in case you have to reinstall your OS after a virus. My HP has a similar partition that is preloaded that you shouldn't touch.
The only way around it is to delete the preloaded partition and shrink it then repartition it into two or more! Only do this if you are certain you are never going to have a virus or some form or needed emergency reinstall.