How do i Slipstream/copy Old Complete Xp Sp3 on Pata Hdd to Freshly instlled XP Sp3

How Do I Slipstream Xp SP3 complete old system that is on pata Hdd on a new Sata Hdd, running Xp SP3 successfully?

Extra info—- i mean both hdd are running successfully but how can i bring all my programs and settings that are on old pata hdd on new sata hdd ? Offcourse without changing its Sata drivers and Nature

Well cloning dosent work i did that but then sata Hdd wont Boot hence please Take in consideration This part of my question

---- Offcourse without changing the { sata, } its Sata drivers and Nature

Thats the whole point
Jesus Christ!

Before I give you my secret answer I'll tell you the movie "Trueman" if just mocking the real GOD. Anyways you need a driver package and something like NERO burner to slipstream the package together. Google is your friend for this since I found the answer from googling. GOD knows you wish the world is all a stage ;)
.@trueman, you have xpsp3 running successfully on a sata drive, correct??

and if so then copy any data from your old system and just wipe the other drive why would you need to copy the system to the sata drive??