well this is cool, a forum for folks who want to stay xp and not learn a new computer every 3 years.

I am trying to copy my c drive only to a 32 GB flash drive for safe keeping, but keep getting a window while copy in process that says such and such a file in use, close file and try again, file was called "file page" or something :eek::eek:

Also i tried using the back up utility to a flash drive but it wanted to copy all my documents too, so i canceled the back up utility.

could this be a bug????

thanks for help, and thanks for forum, great idea,

Dr, Dave :D
you can boot to hiren's boot disc or any other boot disc and then copy your c drive as it will be unmounted.

but you will not be able to boot to a flash with just the c drive copied, you have to create a bootable image in order to restore you c drive just as it is.
thank you Elizabeth,
but i have no idea what your talking about.
I just want a copy of the c drive program, so i can rip out the disk drive and put in another but younger used one, in case original get plunked in the trade over.
un mounted??? boot to anywhere ???? hieroglyphics:eek::eek::eek::eek: to me

all over net i read folks copy their hard drive to a flash drive
why not me

I already copied "Doc's, all 12 gb,,,,,, just want copy of hard drive
and i am sorry, I do try to make time to learn all this stuff, but i am just not mentally equipped to go there, these are just facts.
not trying to drive any one batty :confused::confused:
Thank you Elizabeth
As I get this, one can not copy and paste a xp program and must make a image instead
and transfer that to a CD R only??????

Any case, thanks again but I must back burner this for a day or 20, as I must fix my inability to simply copy a file disk issue, as when I choose anything to copy to a CDR, my machine says there is no clean disk in dvd cdr burner tray and will post same question else where here.

sorry again I took so long getting back here and thanks for all you do to help folks.
you can copy files but NOT programs, an image will copy files and programs and system.\\

you can copy to a cdr or a cdrw or a flash drive.

check my reply to your other post. :)