How can I install Windows XP on UEFI motherboard with USB.

My old pc runs Windows 7 64 bit but it's not very well. So I wanna install WinXP but I can't. I tried to install in NTFS and FAT32. In FAT32, BIOS sees UEFI, so it can't install. In NTFS, BIOS sees Generic Flash Disk bla bla, but if i try boot with that, i see blinking underscore, so nothing. That PC doesn't have CD-ROM, I need to install with USB.


Intel Core i3
--doesn't have graphic card *lol*--
Have you configured the UEFI/BIOS to run in legacy mode?

You need to set the sata controller in the bios to ide or legacy, not ahci. XP doesn't have drivers for the sata controller and that will cause a bsod during install.

read the above threads for more instructions and advice

Yeah, I enabled Legacy mode and IDE in BIOS. I can install Win7 and Win8.1 with USB but I can't install WinXP.

I'll check links now.