HKEY_CURRENT_USER Registry Entries

It has come to my attention that Domain Names have been, and are being, entered into HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Internet Settings/ZoneMap/Domains, literally by the hundreds. I cleared them all out last week, but, for the most part, they are all back. Is there anyway to stop this from happening, or is this just the price we have to pay for using Micro$oft Windows?
click on several and what is the value listed in the right hand pane if it is (4) that is the restricted zone, these are added when you have installed a program such as spywareblaster,

what spyware, malware scanners do you have installed??

Value Setting
0 My Computer
1 Local Intranet Zone
2 Trusted sites Zone
3 Internet Zone
4 Restricted Sites Zone
I have AVG, AVAST!, SPYBOT, and SUPERANTISPYWARE installed, and run MALWAREBYTES manually once a week or so.
I have previously deleted all these domain names, with no apparent consequences, but most of them have returned. I have tried to research some of the domain names, but found no information; I have tried to go to the dot com or dot it, etc, but have been unable to get to them via FIREFOX.
IMHO, they are trackers, and I don't need the world looking over my shoulder all the time.
Thank you for your reply, Elizabeth.
either choose avg or avast, you cannot have more than one antivirus installed at a time as conflicts can arise and you end up with no protection as they fight each other.

you do not need spybot and superantispyware both, I would uninstall spybot.

they are not trackers, they are sites that are listed as restricted. If you were to uninstall both spybot and superantispyware you would then be able to delete the listings, but adding these sites to the restricted zone is helping to keep your pc free from infection.
I recently reconfigured a computer with XP, and, through my own actions, I inadvertently became infected. I installed AVAST!; it didn't find this virus. I installed SUPERANTISPYWARE; it didn't find this virus. I installed SPYBOT; it didn't find this virus. I installed AVG; it found this virus. Now, it I had installed only one anti-virus program, I would have been infected with this one, and likely many more, viruses. Each anti-virus program finds what it finds, exclusive of the others, with no conflict - any conflict shows up early; when you are installing them. Running only one anti-virus program WILL get you infected, without you even knowing about it. And I have been running more than one anti-virus program for more than 10 years, with each one finding stuff the others didn't. So.... Until my machine freezes totally, or a proven conflict arises, I will continue to use more than just ONE anti-virus program.
But I am in the dark about restricted zones; every anti-virus program I have has no setting for restricted zones.....
in internet explorer, internet options, under the tools menu, there is the security tab, . on this tab there are 4 zones, intranet, internet, trusted and restricted.

antispyware and not antivirus will populate the restricted zone with websites that are considered dangerous.


It is your pc, of course and you can run any programs you want to, but still in REAL time you should only have one antivirus running, you can install others but only run them as on demand. But as you say you have been doing it your way. :)

I run one antivirus in real time, and a malware scanner as on demand scanner.
I get it! Took me a second or two to get the connection, but now I get it. Being in the Registry is good, so I won't be deleting them from now on.
Elizabeth, Thank You. Your help and guidance is much appreciated. If you don't learn something new every day, you're just taking up space, and I live for what I learn. Thank you, again.