Help! BIOS virus - only Safe Mode works but ...

... I can't flash my BIOS whilst in Safe Mode.

Problem: laptop screen is dead (it went dead whilst I was watching the LInux Action Show Livestsream - the sound for that show was still coming out and the computer was working but a dead/off screen) but the external monitor (Samsung Sync master P) works but only in safe mode and when a Linux 'live disc' is booted. When I run Ubuntu off the hard drive [the laptop is dual booted with Ubuntu 12.04], that wont work the laptop screen nor the external monitor.

If it was just my laptop screen that was dead, I imagine the external monitor would work in normal Windows mode, safe mode and when I'm running Ubuntu off the dual booted hard drive. But the external monitor only works in safe mode. During all of this my laptop screen is dead. I've done some research and I reckon I have a BIOS virus. I'm writing this from within "Safe Mode with Networking".

I'm using the WinPhlash program and I get the following error message (see attached). Cos I'm in safe mode, I haven't the privileges to run the program properly. I've been trying to find a way to run the WinPhlash program from a bootable disc but I can't. The only bootable disc I could find for BIOS flashing was for servers.

I have an Acer Aspire 7520 and I want to flash the BIOS to v1.33 then wipe the system and re-install xp on it.

Any help would be much appreciated. :)


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