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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by Touko White, Jun 4, 2016.

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    Jun 4, 2016
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    I was previously under the names Termingamer2-JD and Cammygirl192, but I can't remember the password or email I set for either of those accounts, plus the former has a bit of a bad history, so sorry for anything I've caused.

    I'm from the UK, I own a gaming community/forum/website, and if you want to know how my XP set up is - since an hour ago, I decided to install XP as a VM on my OS X El Capitan, with 768 MB of RAM, and 24 GB allocated drive space. (There's a reason I chose the RAM space: my first computer had that amount of RAM. 24 GB was a random choice, my MacBook is only 120 GB, so I can't use much.)

    Normally a friendly person and, since I've used XP for a lot of my life, will know a lot, and can learn a lot, about the grand OS, that I would use gladly until the end of the world. I installed it in VirtualBox so I could help out better and re-live some of the nostalgia - I'm also going to make a video around the OS when it turns 15 years old, with Movie Maker, so as to make it a pure celebration.

    Gaming habits are mostly old stuff, I'm going to use emulation with XP instead of Mac because more choice plus emulation in an emulator makes so much sense ^_^ - I'm also going to start making ROM hacks of games, and need Windows for that, XP is supported by mostly every tool.

    I like rock music and game music. Oh, and title.wma is a beautiful thing, how many of you heard that on your installation of XP, and when?

    Hope I'm OK around here and hope to enjoy, and discuss with you about anything! Feel free to ask me questions and things.
    Touko White, Jun 4, 2016
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