Headless XP

Google search returned a lot of diverse experiences from users concerning how readily XP will Boot/ Run without monitor, keyboard and mouse.

However the search findings are very dated.

What is the latest on this?

I have been using a dedicated desktop XP with my Yamaha Keyboards. For playing MIDI files, I have found this superior to other options because:

1 The settings applet in XP makes it extremely easy for me to select the external device (my keyboards) as device which will serve as the MIDI synthesizer. (can't do that in W10!)

2 I can control (select/start/stop/skip/pause) playing of a MIDI file with one click in XP's Media Player.

I am going to store all MIDI files on NAS, so XP will not need to go online, so long term it should escape security threats.

So instead of current XP machine, I am considering headless XP on a board that I can place within the keyboard enclosure.

Maybe one of the small ATOM boards: are XP drivers available?

Also have not yet worked out how I would use the Media Player under such an arrangement: any suggestions?