Graphics Media Accelerator.

I have netbook/notebook with "Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N2100 @ 1.60GHz" inside, with OS of "Windows XP Professional SP3." Now my problem is, Intel doesn't have Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) for this processor (only supports Windows 7, 8 etc.), and also I can't play games. I installed DirectX 9.0c but these games want DirectX 9.1 or higher. I researched about it, but Windows XP don't supports DirectX that is higher that 9.0c. Please help! (PS. Sorry for bad english.)
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Hi. Thanks for replying. Yes, I have 32 bit Windows XP, and i tried that download link but it's not compatible with my processor. Ubuntu Linux is the original OS of this PC, I switched to Windows 7, installed all the drivers from CD and it worked perfectly. My PC with Win7 now runs too slow, so I installed Windows XP. Installed all the drivers, worked perfectly except Bluetooth, Webcam, and VGA. Now, I can't play my games, because I have no VGA Driver. Please help.
VGA are generic and loaded with xp, restart and tap F8 and scroll down to enable VGA then hit enter.

Hi! Robby, apologies but BC2BL is designed for Windows 7 only. Therefore, we don't have drivers for Windows XP for this model.

from here

above thread is for neo basic 3300 but it may work for you on the graphics media accelerator.

above are for xp neo basic b3140 N, they may or may not work on your pc


for webcam can you give me the manufacturer and model number and I will see if I can find an xp driver