Ghost-It 1.04 Win32 - Window Trans Reference & Click-Through Ghosting-

Discussion in 'Windows XP Customization' started by BellicoseBloke, Sep 7, 2023.

  1. BellicoseBloke


    Sep 7, 2023
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    Modern OS have Pure-Ref & others for click-through trans ghosting...But what for XP?

    Ghost-It is a good one... It produces a transparent window of selected image at a level of trans you select then the window is 'frozen' in place & you can work underneath it in 'click through' style...

    Tons of uses for comparison of shape-size but most common is to have a ref image above a 2D or 3D app that does not have ability to import a reference image... Like say if you wanted to pixel paint someone or thing in MSpaint or other & wanted to trace out features...

    Here you see ghosted image it is 'click through' & you can work underneath...There is a tray icon you use to reset the image, trans or other-

    Handy to have...

    Here is the main page on the wayback-

    And here is the DL Page-
    BellicoseBloke, Sep 7, 2023
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