Generic USB 3.0 drivers for Dell Monitor?

I bought a Dell UltraSharp 25 Monitor (U2518D) back in 2018. Being that I use an XP system, as many of us here do, however Dell didn't have any USB 3.0 drivers they could provide me that would work with Windows XP. It has a built in USB 3.0 hub.

Are there any Generic USB 3.0 drivers out that, that any know of, that I might try to get the built in USB 3.0 hub on this monitor to work? That hub has gone unused ever since, and I decided to pull it from being used.

Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome at this point.

The Dell Monitor will just have a pass-through hub, just like every other monitor. You need to connect a USB 3 cable from your USB 3 card, or your motherboard if it supports USB 3 and has drivers. in your computer (Almost certainly a Type B 3.0 connector) and it will then work. By the time of Windows XP, hubs didn’t require drivers.

You can easily see if your motherboard has USB 3 because it will be a blue Type A 3.0 connector.

If however you only supply the Dell hub with USB 2 (Type B 2.0 connector) it will run at that.

If you don’t have a USB 3 card, then ebay is good for USB 3 cards that support XP. I suggest something like a StarTech PEXUSB3S2 or an S4

USB Connector types.jpg
I'm aware of the kinds of USB types. I am certain this is a type 3.0. Goes from A to B at the monitor side. Maybe it's not a simple hub, bu it isn't recognized natively by XP. I will follow up with screenshots later as time permits.
After plugging the USB 3.0 from my monitor into the computer (type B at monitor, type A at computer), I see these:


Any thoughts or ideas?
After plugging the USB 3.0 from my monitor into the computer (type B at monitor, type A at computer), I see these:

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Any thoughts or ideas?

My thoughts are………Do you have a USB 3 Controller present on your computer?

Let’s see your USB 3 on the computer, please expand that. I have done a screen shot to show you and helpfully placed red arrows, so you can see what I mean.

You should not need drivers for Dell UltraSharp Monitor: U2518D. If you would like to get rid of the exclamation marks try this.

My ideas are: …………….

What I usually do…..Plug a USB drive into the Dell hub after I have connected to the computer and see if it shows up.

USB 3 Controller present.jpg
So I tested just plugging something in right after plugging the monitor in. The USB did get passed, to my surprise. I was not expecting that.

However... the Hub controller only pops up after plugging the monitor in. I had just simply figured this was a driver that was needed to use the USB hub. All signs pointed that way, but I suppose not.

I do have an Etron USB 3.0 card plugged in, and that came with its own drivers.