'Folder Options' and another not opening from Control Panel

Two items, 'Folder Options' and 'Taskbar and Start Menu' cannot be opened from Control Panel by double clicking on the icons. However, both can be opened from the Menu Bar Tools>Folder Options and Right Clicking on Task Bar and selecting properties, respectively. All other items in control panel are opening normally.
do you use bbLean shell program?
I never used this.
you should try the dll register correction suggested in the thread I inserted
Should I do this even if I never used bbLean?
also in the above link are instructions for returning folder options to the control panel.
Both 'Folder Options. and 'Taskbar and Start Menu' icons are present in Control Panel. They have not disappeared for me to try returning either to Control Panel.
you can still follow the instructions for the dll registering it will hurt nothing and as for them not disappearing the directions for them have disappeared and you can still follow the instructions which will correct the registry items controlling the icons in the control panel.
Very sorry I made a stupid mistake. Both these items are opening but I didn't see them because they stayed under the main screen of Control Panel. While all other items in control panel open on top of the main screen only these two stay hidden under after opening. To see them I have to click the control panel icon on the task bar to close that screen temporarily. What should I do to make them open on top of the main screen?

Luckily I discovered this before I went through the above procedure!
you can make the control panel window smaller, I have mine set at 1/3 of the screen, or you can minimize the control panel window to see if something is behind it. With a smaller control panel window you will not have to minimize. :)
Thank you. I spent about an hour and clicked on all the programs that I could find in Start Menu>All Programs, while keeping Control Panel open. I did this one at a time, opening one program, closing it and opening the next and so on. In some instances I kept different things open in the background like My Computer, Network Connections etc. Every program that I clicked on opened on top of what was already kept opened, with the exception of the only two above that are opening underneath. If everything else in the computer opens on top, obviously that is the way windows is supposed to function. So isn't there something wrong somewhere about only these two programs doing something different. It would be nice if I can get some help to correct this problem :)