Finding the Word program

I'm using a Windows XP Professional and Word 2003. A few days ago I noticed that when I press the "start" button and then "All Programs" I can find everything in place but the Word program is not there. Other Office programs (like Excel etc.) appear there as usual. Thus, only when I open a word document (one which had been saved before) it is possible to access the Word program and to start a new document etc.. I guess that the program exists in my computer but the "shortcut" which used to be in "All Programs" is gone. How do I restore it?
Thank you,
-Control Panel
-Add or Remove Programs
-click on Microsoft Office
-click link that says "click here for more support information"
-click Repair
-you may have to click Next or one more button after that

if you have deleted the installation files from your pc then you will need your office install cd to run the repair.