File server?

Would it be possible/feasible to create a file server where we could upload Windows XP updates and such for others to download and use? I'd be glad to donate some drive space for such server, but due to various limiting factors, I can't. :(
should be able to download from the Microsoft Update Catalog, BUT, I can't seem to get that page to work anymore in any browser will keep checking. :eek:
Unfortunately, if there was a file server like that, I couldn't have anything to do with it. Microsoft are very strict about who hosts their downloads, even ones that would be considered freely available (like patches, etc...). Even when people upload them as attachments on here, I get warning automated e-mails from MS to remove them before legal action is taken.
re: microsoft update catalog, was finally able to get it to connect on IE8 after lowering all my safety precautions, but since I only use ie8 for updates this was no biggie, cannot get on firefox yet or on mypal

have been searching the web and it appears to be a major problem even for the latest OS's, will still keep trying when I get through will open a new post, :)
Thanks for the above link, I can search the latest security updates

You can click on the Last Updated heading to get the latest. It's a shame that it doesn't display what the security updates are about. The numbers don't mean much.

PS Having said that, it's not a good idea to just update whatever. I have just discovered that most of these updates are not for me. If only they would list what they are instead of just a KB number, we wouldn't have to research one by one.
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I thought so too, but when you click on each, they are all identical ... n/a Have you tried ?

They don't even bother to update the descriptions.

I never used Windows Updates except for specific ones I needed.
Yes, but then you have to keep clicking one by one (it would take forever), I was hoping that they would be included in the table at a glance when I first saw the original post. In any case, I don't think I need any of them.
I only collected a few like Dot net frame etc. I don't think I need them. I was interested when the original poster thought to put all updates under ONE roof (I thought what a great idea). It they had a column to display what they are then might be worth downlooading. I don't think it's wise to install ones we don't need.

Though thanks for your input regarding Serpent. I think you *might* have got a solution for me (you know when a site won't let you log on unless your browser is IE or Firefox) to spoof it so the site thinks it's FF. I shall try at some point. Thanks for those links.