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    I'm pretty sure if you've ever heard of Walt Disney, then you've also heard of Hayao Miyazaki of Ghibli studios, Japan's equivalent of Disney's studios. And, closely associated with Miyazaki/Ghibli studios is Joe Hisaishi, who composed the score for all of Miyazaki's featured length animated movies.

    So, after having watched this video, which is a short compilation of Joe's works to date, which is your favorite score?


    For me, the most touching soundtracks are (for pic identification):

    1st place: Kiki's delivery service (teenage witch on broomstick/boy with bicycle light glider)
    2nd place: Castle in the sky (kids playing with gigantic, algae-covered robot)
    3rd place: My neighbor Totoro (chubby creature with ^^^^ on its belly/chest)
    4th place: Spririted away (girl with boy sharing some rice treat, who is actually an Eastern dragon in disguise)
    5th place: Howl's moving castle (weird walking mansion)
    6th place: Princess Mononoke (girl raised by wolves, prince with deer from remote village)
    7th place: Naausica of the Valley of the wind (girl with hooded jacket and really high boots)

    What's your take?
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    eatup, Sep 27, 2015
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