Emulator for Saturn that will work on XP?

This is one is a tough one, at least for me, I never found any Emulator for Saturn that will work on XP, at least not one that's not 20 years old and incomplete(alpha/beta or whatever).

Is there any up or remotely up to the date that will work on it?

Thank you.
I have zero experience with Saturn emulators. However I was able to download and install Yabause 0.9.14 32 bit in Windows XP SP3 and play Daytona USA.


Hi, thank you, but yes, that's the only one I ever found that work on Windows XP, so I'm looking for some other because Yabause has absolutely no optimization whatsoever. Like, there's no visual filters, you don't have in-depth control over video and audio configurations at all.