Eatup's Guide to China & The Far East

I'm starting this thread to post interesting stuff about China. Most of it is from another forum I'm actively browsing. But they auto-format their pictures to a fixed small size. Reposting them here in their native sizes helps me to appreciate the pics better...

Anyways, whether anyone likes it or not, we will soon head towards a "Chinese century" where the American global hegemony will be over! It's better to go along with the flow of the times than to be left out (of some very interesting topics).

(Btw, a lot of interesting thing can already be found in this pre-existing thread: Also, I have never set foot in China before, so this thread will mostly be from a "foreigner's perspective" that dug up interesting things about China...)
Now, before I post anything of interest, what exactly is China's relation to the rest of Asia?

A DNA test/study shows, the Koreans and Japanese were originally people who migrated from mainland China and mixed with the local native's blood there. Mainland China is their motherland:


It's also a common prevailing misconception among foreigners that the Japanese are the "smartest" Asian ethnic group. That is entirely false as shown by the following standardized IQ test results. That title belongs to the people of Hong Kong:



Finally, the following Wikipedia article shows, the people of Hong Kong are essentially Han Chinese, which means mainland China has the same genetic makeup "geared for Greatness" in terms of building up a (modern) civilization:

The Han Chinese, Han people[30][31][32] or simply Han[31][32] (汉族; pinyin: Hànzú, literally "Han ethnicity"[33] or "Han ethnic group";[34] or 汉人; pinyin: Hànrén, literally "Han people"[35]) are an ethnic group native to East Asia. They constitute approximately 92% of the population of Mainland China, 93% of the population of Hong Kong, 92% of the population of Macau, 98% of the population of Taiwan (Han Taiwanese), 76.2% of the citizen population of Singapore.
The only one of its kind in the world: American regiment flag captured by Chinese soldiers in the Korean War (where a riffle had to be shared between two Chinese soldiers) on display in a war museum in China:



The artificial Spratly islands China is building in the South China Sea (by piling sand from the ocean floor onto reefs and atolls):





A mosaic of the artificial Spratly islands:


One of the smaller islands (right panel, middle top from above image):

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Subi reef: One of three large artificial islands in the South China Sea with a 10,000 feet (3km) long runway.


Fiery cross reef: 2nd of three largest artificial Spratly islands in the South China Sea



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Fiery Cross reef of the Spratly islands (continued):



Passenger jets land on Fiery Cross reef to test its military-grade runway (in early 2016):