Eatup's Guide to China & The Far East - Part III

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This guide will be split up into multi-parts to make it easy on the web server. Most of the topics come from another forum I'm actively browsing. This guide only has the purpose to allow me to fully appreciate the re-posted images in their native sizes, which the other web site tends to reformat to a small fixed size...
Of the 5 permanent members of the UNSC, there are only 3 Superpowers: USA, China, Russia.

When any two superpowers team up, the other one is sure to lose. The problem with America placing THAAD in South Korea are two-fold: 1. The X-Band radars can peer deep into Chinese/Russian airspace to spy on them. 2. THAAD missiles (that target North Korea) can be swapped for offensive weapons that target China/Russia. If America et co. didn't remember the 100,000's+ of their countries's soldiers lost fighting Chinese volunteer army in the first Korean War, China+Russia will kindly remind them again in another one...



The first Korean War (1950-1953):


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China restricts high-tech exports in ban:

The ban, which will be effective from mid-August, urges [Chinese] manufacturers not to export drones that are capable of flying in gusty winds, hovering above 15,420 meters and having more than an hour of flight duration.

Computers with greater than 8 tera floating-point operations per second will also not be allowed for exports, said an announcement jointly issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs. It is the first time that China is imposing export restrictions on such products

Oh, my, seems China has some pretty interesting hi-tech toys it doesn't want the world to have!
Chinese Mars rover for 2020 mission:




BEIJING, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- China on Tuesday released images of a Mars probe and rover which the country plans to send to the Red Planet within five years.

China plans to send a spacecraft to orbit Mars, make a landing, and deploy a rover in July or August 2020, said Zhang Rongqiao, chief architect of the Mars mission at a press conference in Beijing. "The challenges we face are unprecedented."

According to Ye Peijian, one of China's leading aerospace experts and a consultant to the program, the 2020 mission will be launched on a Long March-5 carrier rocket from the Wenchang space launch center in south China's Hainan province.

The lander will separate from the orbiter at the end of a journey of around seven months and touch down in a low latitude area in the northern hemisphere of Mars where the rover will explore the surface.

Images displayed at Tuesday's press conference showed a device with six wheels, powered by four solar panels, two more than the rover sent to the moon.

Weighing around 200 kilograms, it is designed to operate for three Martian months, according to Sun Zezhou, chief designer of the probe.

The probe, for its part, will carry 13 payloads including a remote sensing camera and a ground penetrating radar which could be used to study the soil, environment, and atmosphere of Mars, as well as the planet's physical fields, the distribution of water and ice, and its inner structure.

A public competition for the name and the logo of the 2020 mission was also launched Tuesday.
What I like about Chinese tech (SKMEI) over the Japanese one (CASIO): Increased sophistication. To achieve the same effect of
negative illumination, the Japanese had to permanently make their display a negative one [when not illuminated]

Skmei S-Shock:



CASIO G-Shock:


(The inferior Japanese watches are also usually over-priced...)
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China saving the best for last: Big bad Chinese drag-suction dredger coming to develop the Chinese property known as the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea (rumored to be 5 times larger than all pre-existing artificial islands combined):


Saving the best for last, the Scarborough Shoal (Huangyan Island) that is pending development will be 5 times larger than these artificial islands combined:




The BEST TV show I've seen in the last 5 years. Period:

You're a CIA/MI6 agent. You're asked to infiltrate Chinese society. What's the one thing you watch
to get a lowdown of China for the last 100 years? The Mystic Nine is easily your answer!

It has everything ranging from the military, to underworld society, to pop-culture (ie. Chinese opera).

Why it's [also] entertaining: The Mystic Nine is essentially what you get when you make a
Chinese live-action TV adaptation of Sailor Moon (nine gatekeepers + one lieutenant)


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... but it's more bad-arse b/c it features these characters as well (Chen [Anakin Skywalker] Pi, and his very young Master, Er [Obi-Wan] Yue Hong)