DVD player drivers wanted

Had 3 attemps at downloading DVD player drivers off of the search engine and non of them work!
Anyone got any recomendations please?
I donno, I have NEVER installed drivers for any dvd/cd player/read/write. I never had a litescribe unit, so I dont know about them.
it IS plug and play. You can't download XP drivers for CD/DVD, they are installed automatically as long as XP is able to detect them. Does the DVD drive show up in explorer? If it does, you already have the drivers. If not, check device manager.


If you don't see an item under DVD/CD-ROM drives that means Windows XP is not detecting it. Bad IDE/SATA cable, bad power cable, drive jumper set incorrectly (master/slave) or drive itself is faulty.

Link works fine, just the image in the link doesn't work. You haven't given us enough information to help you other than you can't find drivers. You haven't told us WHY you need drivers. Lightscribe doesn't make a difference, I have one, XP will just see it as a DVD drive.
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Was yours plug and play? where you running xp?

They must have been!

A local computer shop lets me go through their 'trash' box. They occaisionally fix older comps, (← mostly XP os), but mostly sell new ones & transfer data from old hdds to new. They then destroy the old hdds. It seems a lot of owners would 1st replace cd-dvdroms to "fix things!" I have found a LOT of *many diff brands* of cdroms which were just months old. (they ALL have manufacture dates on 'em!) This includes both IDE & SATA drives. I have so many I stopped collecting them.

I've built a number of good XP computers from their trash box. Thet trust me 'cause I have found customer hdds they forgot to remove, & I returned them, to remind them they missed one. (I looked at one to see what was on it, was not C:\ but it was loaded FULL of porn! the really bad kind & the worst kind) I returned it but did not say what was on it.

A final observation: NEVER get, a used, buy new, get gifted one, ANY toshiba-samsung cd-dvdrom! Not even if they pay you to take it!! ← Junk!!
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below is info from link:

Unless you have the Media Center edition, Windows XP can't natively play DVDs. You need either a third-party media player that can play them, or the right codec. Fortunately, you can have your choice of either of these options for free.
Vista, on the other hand, can play DVDs right out of the box. And that includes the Business edition, which doesn't have Media Center.

And no, updating XP's Media Player in to version 11 won't let it read DVDs.

If you're partial to Windows Media Player, download and install the XP Codec Pack. Once installed, you can insert a DVD, select Play DVD Video using Windows Media Player, and get a movie instead of an error message.

Or if you prefer another player, check out the free VLC Media Player.

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