DOS application always have big cursor?

Discussion in 'Windows XP Help and Support' started by R-J, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. R-J


    Aug 25, 2017
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    Hi all!

    I use XP SP3 (1 month old install, after a HDD upgrade), and I realized, that soma DOS applications have always big cursor. (For example, Turbo Pascal 7, and all of my applications written with it. Maybe only the old, pure 16-bit programs? Free Pascal Go32V2 has normal cursor...) Okay, I can switch the cursor size in the system menu, but this is insensitive for the Insert key.
    I have 3 user accounts on this computer. This problem appears only on my account. If I switched to another account, the TP7 has a normal, underline-style cursor, and after I press Insert, it switch to the big, block cursor.
    Okaym it is not a serious problem, but I like to show, that I am on insert, or overwrite mode. Can I solve this without the deleting of my profile? Maybe a registry-setting? TP_.PNG
    R-J, Jan 26, 2019
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  2. R-J


    Dec 10, 2012
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    Elizabeth23, Jan 26, 2019
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