Does XP support 2560x1600?

I added the custom resolution of 2560x1440 @ 55Hz CVT-RB timing over regular HDMI and it worked with my QHD desktop monitor.

But it seems I cannot add 2560x1600 as a custom resolution in WinXP. I did that in Win7 and it worked fine. No matter how much I lowered the refresh rate, the Intel GPU app in XP keeps saying bandwidth exceeded. Is 2560x1440 the max I can get in Windows XP?
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I think the video card you are using, or a combination of the card and Win XP

I have had this issue before. Eventually, I stopped trying & accepted what "setup" 'allowed'
Not my thing. But you may find this of interest as it is the best article I've ever seen on hi res XP:
Gives very detailed info on XP Vs. Hi Res and shows what he did to go around system limitations.
The whole website is very interesting to anyone using XP.