Do you experience nausea playing XP-era FPSes?

When I started getting into FPS in the 2000's, 14 inch CRT monitors were the norm. 15 inches was considered luxury. Nowdays, 17 inch LCDs are the standard. When I tried to revisit some XP-era FPSes on an old rig, but with new LCD monitor, I became nauseated by the fast moving, rather large images.

Do you experience the same things with classic games on modern hardware?

IMHO, those small CRT monitors were the best for gaming them classic shooters!
No, not really but I am not much into gaming, yet. !.

I am looking sometimes for simulators or FPS's to play around with but not overly keen about online versions.

Any suggestions.

I think my new desktop machine will have about enough "grunt" for all but the most demanding games. I know however that it will not handle FlightGear.

Please toss any ideas my way.

Much appreciated,

Mark. (Aunty Jack).

Actually, it's the other way around for me.

Last time I used a CRT for daily purposes and gaming was in 2008, and after that I've used only LCDs. Last year I got a CRT from a friend, since I didn't have one to fit my old Pentium 4 gaming rig.

When I first booted up Half-Life 2... oh my eyes, I literally had migrane and felt nauseous for 16 hours straight. Had to lie down in my bed and try to sleep to escape the pain. Couldn't notice that my eyes didn't like it before it was too late, I had already played a couple of hours (with breaks).

The refresh rate was set to 75Hz and moiton blur was turned off. Quite strange.
I used to play Playstation 2 games on a chunky CRT when I was younger. When I got a LCD screen and plugged my PS2 in, I remember noticing the games didn't look as great and sometimes my eyes felt strained when I would play.

Some things were just optimized for certain screens, and don't look as good without the natural shading of the CRT. But I also think it has to do with what we're used to using. If our eyes are already accustomed to a specific monitor type, it might throw us off when we see it in another way. The nausea/eye strain might go away after some time, but I wouldn't push it too much. If it is a reoccurring issue I would try wearing some blue-light/computer glasses and see if the discomfort goes away.

There are shader programs you can use that will simulate a CRT screen, if it helps. RetroArch or Batocera might be good for running older games with a CRT shader, but not sure if they support XP or not.

Not from XP era exactly, but I tried replaying old games that were made available on Steam, like Duke Nukem 3D, and holy hell, couldn't play it for 5 minutes. Maybe it's just that I'm not used to it, like when I recently played Rayman from PSX, I was very nauseous at first to the point of having to quit the game, but I managed to overcome it and finish it.

But I didn't feel the urge of keep playing Duke Nukem 3D as I felt for Rayman.

Aaah and Turok from N64, that bobbing is crazy.
Duke Nukem 3D has never let me down haha but I've played all the Wolf3d's, Dooms, etc. iD software made great stuff! But I've never found N64 enjoyable anyways.