Did anyone ever own the original NES?

It's pretty amazing seeing this kind of revelation leads me to think as spiritual beings (STAR WARS refers to it as "luminous beings are we not this crude matter") we all planned our lives way long before we were born. BUT the plan must not happen haphazardly -- it must follow certain rules!

One of the more common rules is the RULE of TWO (which is also talked about in the STAR WARS lores). If you own a NES as a child, you're bound to own it again as an adult. The other day I could help but notice how my XP mini-PC looks so much the the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The PC case of 20.5x19x6cm is approximately the dimensions. The two USB ports at the front look so much like the two controller ports of the NES. It's got power on and reset buttons like the NES.


The square power brick... That's my min-PC's 12V 3A AC power adapter.

Finally, those nostalgic NES game cartridges with their long arse row of metal connectors at the back/bottom that you often have to huff and puff at to blow away the dust, they look like my 2.5 HDD SATA drive, which I have sitting outside the mini-PC case for fast swapping.

I highly urge everyone to go and meditate alone in their room. Think back to the toys they had as a kid, then back to present, locate the same toys again in the present... The RULE of TWO, it happened to me and also to U!!
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My cousin had a NES. Didn't have many games though. Mario-Duckhunt, Bad Dudes, A game that used a mat for running, Megaman2. I was always a Sega kid. I had a SMS instead. But I really liked Megaman 2. Played it from start to finish.

I wanted to add an interesting fact. You find that the NES looks kinda like a computer. That was on purpose. The Japanese version doesn't look like that all. They changed it on purpose for the west market. For the west they didn't wanted to look like a gaming system. More like an entertainment system. Which is why the cartridges insert kinda like a VCR tape.
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