device has a bad block

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    Jul 27, 2014
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    i saw on my event viewer that my disk has a bad block..

    The device has a bad block of memory, which Windows attempted to read. The data might be missing or corrupted.

    sometimes, my unit hangs for a minute, could it be the effect?

    im defragmenting the disk and cleaning it up frequently. is it enough? thanks..
    VOSTRO, Aug 26, 2014


    Dec 10, 2012
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    It's just a corrupt block on the drive. Open Windows Explorer and right click on the drive. Select Properties and and click on the Tools tab. Click on Check Now for the Error
    (place check in both boxes)
    Checking option. System will need to reboot and will find and fix the error. The drive should then work just fine. If you leave it the system may run well but will crash if it attempts to use that bad block. Fixing it will either repair the block or mark it as unavailable in the BAM.

    you can also run checkdisk with the /r parameter:
    How to perform checkdisk

    if you do not have Recovery Console installed, then run from the start menu

    go to start, run, type in cmd

    in cmd type in chkdsk c: /r and press enter

    type Y for yes and press enter

    type exit and press enter

    restart pc, allow checkdisk to finish and run again

    this is a lengthy process depending on the size of your harddrive, the percentages will fluctuate, this is normal, you can view report in the event viewer.
    go to start>run> and type in eventvwr.msc, click on the applications directory, and in the right hand panel choose winlogon.

    also clear the events in event viewer , and check to see if error keeps returning after checkdisk has been run, if it does then the hard drive is going to fail and you should back up your data and get a new one.

    checkdisk should always come back with 0kb in bad sectors, if it keeps showing kbs in bad sector this is also a sign of hard drive failure.
    Elizabeth23, Aug 26, 2014
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