Dell Latitude 830 and Epson projector 1825

I use my Dell Latitude 830 with Windows XP with my Epson 1825 to project PowerPoint presentations. I use a USB Type B cable to connect the two devices. The PowerPoint will flip from slide to slide with no problem on the laptop screen but there will be a delay when using the projector. The delay is even more pronounced when I try to project a AVI type video. Once again, the video plays fine on the laptop screen. Why is there a delay when using the projector? Is the computer lacking a video driver?
It's not surpising due to the limited speed of the USB 2.0 ports the laptop and projector are both equipped with. You should use the VGA option to keep internal/external displays synchonized. You will of course have to connect a separate audio cable but this is your only option with your current setup to remove the lag.
When I use a VGA connection from the computer to the projector and press the fn key and the F8 key, the PowerPoint image shows up only briefly in a series of short flashes. The computer does not have RCA type plugs like a DVD player would have. When I connect a DVD player and the three colored RCA plugs to the projector (that is, not involving the computer at all), the projector works fine. Is the computer lacking a video driver? If so, any idea which one I should install?
look in device manager, if there are any yellow exclamation points showing then that driver is missing

(start/right click My computer/choose manage/then choose device manager)
I do see a yellow ? and a yellow ! before Video Controller (VGA Compatible). Under General, Location: PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0. Under Device Status: The drivers for this device are not installed (Code 28). Under Details: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0429&SUBSYS_01FE1028&REV_A1\4&15F4A1BE&0&0008.Can you help me find the necessary driver?
nVidia Quadro NVS 135M/140M 179.24 XP32 Driver

File Name: R205373.EXE

above driver from HERE, you details come up with the nvidia driver as there is also an intel driver, but looking the ven up at THIS page it comes up with nvidia
Thank you for the reply. It turns out this driver was already on the computer. I re-installed it but I still see the yellow ! after re-starting the computer. I tried to install the other driver (R234854) but I got the alert that this computer does not meet the minimum requirement to install the software. Why would I continue to get the yellow ! with the R205373 installed? Are there other drivers that are compatible with this Dell computer?
the drivers on the dell website are specific for their individual computers, did you uninstall the driver first?

maybe you should download the chipset driver, and install that first, dell has an order to install drivers

dss or nss (desk or notebook/laptop software), this helps set up the drivers on a dell

chipset sets up all the other drivers

video, audio, internet and all others needed after that.

download the chipset driver and the nvidia driver, and the dss/nss if there is one, then unintsall the video driver, reboot, then install the dss, reboot, then the chipset/ reboot, then the video and reboot. then check device driver
Thanks again for your help. I need some help knowing which drivers should be uninstalled and then reinstalled. Currently, R153997 (Intel Mobile Chipset Driver) and R234854 (Intel GM965 Express Chipset) are installed. (I tried to re-write the R234854 and I received the error message). Also, the R205373 nVidea driver is installed. I don't know what I am looking for when you say dss or nss to know if I have it installed or not. If you could give me the uninstall and then install order of the individual R numbered drivers, that should solve my problem. Also, what is the best way to uninstall drivers?
device manager/right click device/choose uninstall/reboot

if you go to the dell link, you will get a list of all drivers, it is strange that there is a nvidia video and everything else is intel

above is link for detailed driver install on a dell

evidently your dell does not require a NSS driver, so you would start with the chipset, (if your bios is up to date, which should be A15, you can look at your system specs or in the bios which will tell you what your bios version is

start / run/ type in msinfo32 / this will show system info for hardware and software
There should be a label underneath your laptop with a service tag number. Enter this number at Dell's website and it will reveal the factory configuration including chipset/video etc. You can then install the appropriate drivers.
then do as clippybeer suggested take your express service number and input the info into dells website for drivers particular to your pc, but the page I sent you to for drivers are for all d830, so you would have to know which ones you need., but if video is the only driver that had a yellow exclamation point then look under c: drive, should be a dell/drivers folder with all the drivers you need

looks like you will need to update your bios to a15
I finally got the NVidia Quadro NVS 140M video driver installed that allows me to use the VGA port to display the image from a projector. However, now my PowerPoint program doesn't display properly in the preview and editing mode but does work when I press F5 to display the PowerPoint presentation on the computer or through the projector. There is NO yellow exclamation mark in the Display adapters section of my Device Manager. It looks like the standard video driver allows the PP to work in the editing mode but not through the VGA port and the NVidia driver allows the VGA port to work but does not allow the editing function of PP to work. I can edit my PP presentations in Safe Mode. Is there a way to have both drivers (standard and NVidia) installed and working at the same time?