DELL 755 installation issues

Hello everyone, my first post here, I can't hide I regiestried myself here only for recieve a help. I've got DELL OPTIPLEX 755 without HDD and CD with OS and I have a problem to install WinXP PRO because sticker on it is from WinXP PRO. I tried from CD and DVD, some modified versions of XP and nothing works. I installed once win7 but with 2gb of RAM it didn't work well. How can I install Windows XP PRO on it? I tried to use clean XP PRO from MSDN and I even integrated SATA drivers through nglide but it didn't help too, I'm recieving blue screen which means, I found in google, that SATA drivers don't exist in installer, with different PC's was easier because I had FDD drive, in this PC I have no possibility to connect it and through USB it doesn't work. I count for help. :)
without HDD

what are you installing it to??'s guide_en-us.pdf

above is your manual for the optiplex 755

below is the page to get drivers and other info


if the hdd was never wiped then there should be a hidden partition that will reset to factory conditions

if not then you would go to bios and choose your boot sequence to a usb or cd and then use your install media to install xp pro

if you have slipstreamed your sata drivers onto your install cd with nlite, did you slipstream correctly?? if you are getting that error then it appears that you did not

above is one of many sites with instructions on how to slipstream sata drivers


have you ever done a clean install before??

disconnect all except keyboard, monitor and mouse before installing.

above is a good site with install instructions
I meant I've got thos PC without HDD and of course I connected my which I already had. And I found original XP OEM from it. I'd like to use different XP but well, since it works, I'm happy. And seems I splitted drivers with XP installer incorrectly. I used nlite, it shown everything was ok but seems it wasn't, thank you for help. I'll try it with different XP installer but fortunatelly I have original OEM disc from it.