Deletion problems

@cornemuse, this is true, but I would rather just one outdated program, not 2, :)

have been using yahoo for years as my email, never did use outlook express

Outlook Express won’t be supported any more but it isn’t going to disappear. Still, RIGHT NOW is the time to switch email clients either to Outlook or one of the free email services like Gmail. Most services offer handy tools to import your mail and contacts from Outlook Express.

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at least move to Outlook.
I manage to keep email to a minimum (for myself), I tried Thunderbird once but actually OE has allus served me well, I delete 70-80% of mail out-of-hand.

I am unable to delete items from my sent and inbox folders.
Can members kindly assist.

I understand that Zimbra may work on XP. I use it on my Win 10 pc. But I have 4 XP's that were given to me. I keep them plugging. I have intended to try Zimbra but have not as yet on the XP's. You may want to try it. I may work on some XP's and others' not.

Hope something works out. Oh, and all that you do on Zimbra stays local like Outlook. You can move any messages, including SENT to any other folder. I like this because Gmail, which is my primary, does not allow that option. I do it in Zimbra and guess what ??? They magically move in Gmail too. It's a workaround.

Good Luck! jack ":-Dx (please someone look a my question too. LOL )